Chapter 2

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Albera arrived at the periphery of the Witches' lands shortly after dusk. Before she could penetrate the mystical barrier encircling the Towers, Albera had to raise her consciousness to the appropriate level. This entailed performing a type of meditation, one which was practically automatic for an elemental but quite strenuous for a human. Even so, she still had a difficult time reaching the proper level due to the worries occupying her mind. Success came only after the second attempt. Albera hurried on to the Towers. As was customary, the portcullis was down, barring the entrance where the name of the structure, along with various mystical symbols associated with the witches, were etched in the stone arch above. The little dryad looked to the Guard Station on her right, an adjacent turreted-structure made of the same stone as the Towers that was fifteen feet in height. The Guardian witch on duty peered out from her seat inside the Station. She was short, dark and slightly overweight, characteristics which betrayed the tinge of dwarven blood somewhere in her heritage. Ghemella was also young and over fond of giving people an unnecessarily difficult time, particularly if they were older.

"Albera, you are awful early—have you taken ill?" questioned Ghemella with mock sympathy.

"No, there has been an incident. I must speak to the High One immediately," responded Albera.

"What happened?" Ghemella asked excitedly.

"Nothing that I can speak of to you," said Albera with just a hint of disdain.

"Khyrhyelle is currently engaged in her studies and does not wish to be disturbed." Ghemella was making a very transparent attempt at bending the truth. It was evident that the young witch thoroughly enjoyed irritating the old dryad. "You may report what has happened to me and return to your rounds. I will relate your report to Khyrhyelle at a more convenient time."

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