Chapter 2

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"Did he say anything," asked Lhynette, one of the white robes who was seated in the middle, next to Arhyvhynne.

"I could only hear him when he yelled," replied Albera. "The first time, it seemed like he was calling someone. It sounded like 'lindany' or 'linnany.' Does that mean anything to anybody?"

A few of the witches shook their heads. Lhynette asked Albera to repeat it again but it didn't help.

Was there anything else?" questioned Lhynette.

"He wanted to know why he was here. He also said something about dying again and not having answers… and of course, that ritual." Albera purposely turned away from Eyrmysse when she mentioned the last item.

Once more silence settled upon the Chamber. After a few moments, Albera spoke up. "High One, I know there is something else of great importance but I cannot seem to recall it. I just cannot remember."

"Do not worry little one," Khyrhyelle said as she smiled warmly from beneath her cowl, "Arhyvhynne will find it. If there are no further inquiries of Albera, we will allow Arhyvhynne to perform the mind scan." She paused for a brief moment. Only Wyxotte, the other white robe, had not asked any questions. Satisfied, she continued. "Good. Arhy, can you perform the scan here or will it be necessary to use a spell room?"

A slight grimace came upon Arhyvhynne's face. This was not really so much a question as it was a challenge. She dreaded having to do any work in front of a group. As talented as she was, she lacked confidence. Khyrhyelle, knowing the importance of this being done quickly, was forcing Arhyvhynne's hand. "Here will be fine," she replied evenly. "Albera, we will do the scan by the fireplace." They waited for Khyrhyelle's permission, then moved from the table.

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