Chapter 2

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"Equal? That is far from determined I should think." Khyrhyelle did not conceal her smile. The witches responded with quiet, nervous laughter. Except for Eyrmysse that is, whose countenance betrayed that the thought interested her.

"Seriously, Khyrhyelle, any thoughts?" This from Dhynelle. She seemed the most anxious. The appearance of the wizard gave her cause for a great deal of uneasiness. It took her many years to become comfortable with Khyrhyelle wearing the grey. And she had never been comfortable with any man.

"Who can say? The reading may not be accurate, although I trust Arhy. Albera may have been mistaken. The light… the snow… maybe the cloak was just soiled. Although," she commented more to herself than the others, "it perhaps explains the disturbance I felt earlier." Then more to the witches, "We really will not know until the reading is done and we see the wizard for ourselves."

"You plan to bring him here then?" Eyrmysse asked.

The reply held no doubt. "Of course."

"Is that wise?" Dhynelle was outwardly worried now.

Lhynette responded immediately. "Who else could be trusted? Surely not Athar or Tomhylhen. Both have waited a long time to substantiate their preachings against the Evil One. They would most probably accuse this one as being a minion and execute him as an example."

"If they could execute him." Eyrmysse remarked, garnering strange looks from all of them.

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