Chapter 2

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"And what is that supposed to mean?" Lhynette questioned, her tone a little more harsh than she meant to show.

Eyrmysse shrugged her shoulders and looked away. There was that little smile that played at her lips. Nobody missed the smile.

"What about Nherycyn? The King would protect this one until the truth be known." Wyxotte had offered something twice now. She was really curious.

Qelharre let out an audible sigh and shook her head. "If you would pay more attention to the happenings in these lands, you would know that Nherycyn belongs to Athar and has for some time. You have become too concerned with your food and drink and fantasies, old crone."

"And I am not in the least concerned with your thoughts." Wyxotte didn't really need to add that. It was well known that the elf and dwarf bickered frequently.

Khyrhyelle settled the matter. "Neither am I interested in your personal conflict. This is not the time for this. Our concern here is with the wizard, nothing else. There is no other alternative. We will bring him here. Does there need to be a vote?

No one immediately spoke up. Qelharre and Wyxotte exchanged looks that were neither kind nor hidden. The others cast their looks away. Eyrmysse eventually responded, "No, mother." Again, there was that smile.

They resumed their seats and waited for the completion of the reading. After a few minutes, Arhyvhynne and Albera returned to the table and Arhyvhynne related to Khyrhyelle and the others what she had found out. The cloak of grey worried all of them—even Eyrmysse seemed somewhat concerned. None of the witches knew what the word "Peter" on the staff could mean or refer to. Nobody dared bring up the possibility of the wizard knowing the Ritual of Renascence.

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