Chapter 2

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Khyrhyelle turned her attention to the dryad. "Thank you, Albera, for acting so professionally and quickly. Your patrol region is often times a dangerous one, yet that is why I placed you there. You are always aware of any happenings and keep us very well informed. Never have you disappointed me." An imperceptible glance to Eyrmysse was followed by a mental dart, As have you. "Though I am sure we do not mention it as often as bears merit, your service is greatly valued by us all."

Albera retorted, "That would then include the Guardians as well, would it not High One?"

Several of the witches lowered their heads slightly to conceal smiles. Khyrhyelle smiled inwardly, thinking that perhaps the dryad was getting too old for this. The High Witch surmised that there had been some sort of altercation, knowing that Ghemella and the other Guardians were difficult to get along with at best. The trouble was rooted in the Scouts believing they were no different from the Guardians: they were merely performing guard duty of an outbound nature. The Guardians on the other hand treated the Scouts as a lower class. At the heart of the matter both were wrong. The Scouts, being elementals, were different. They followed a slightly different moral code and their spiritual progression was different. But in no way were they second class.

"Your point is well taken, Albera. However, the Guardians are chosen just as the Scouts are: for the qualities that are best suited for that responsibility. For me to repress those qualities would be to weaken those that I deem best at fulfilling those responsibilities. Granted, there are times when the Guardians act excessively—as do some Scouts. I would like to remind you that I am not in the habit of being summoned, nor is the Council, by anyone." Khyrhyelle added a sympathetic smile but her tone was not lost on Albera. There were many other things that needed the High Witch's attention and the petty Guardian-Scout squabbles were not high on her list of priorities.

"I am sorry if I inconvenienced you, High One." Albera lowered her head. "I only meant to do as I thought best."

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