Chapter 2

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"I understand. You did well little one. You may leave us now. But stay in the Towers, we may yet need to call on you again." The dryad left the Chamber with moist eyes and a smile. Khyrhyelle had the uncanny ability to admonish without destroying one's sense of worth.

The High Witch addressed her Council. "This, I feel is of great portent. We must proceed carefully—and wisely."

Dhynelle could only respond with a question. "How do we proceed?"

"We will have to send out a party to retrieve him," Wyxotte offered.

Lhynette shook her head. "No. Time is essential. Especially if it is true that he performed… that he performed a ritual of that difficulty." There was an audible pause as she waited for a comment from the High Witch, but none came. "His condition would be too precarious for a physical move."

Eyrmysse toyed with a dark curl. "I agree with Lhynette. We must move very quickly. I think we should try a Spell of Teleportation." A teleportation spell would transport an object, usually a person, from their current location to the specified destination. It was a spell of only medium difficulty but had many variables which could easily complicate matters. One prerequisite was having a familiarity with both the point of origin and the destination.

Khyrhyelle nodded. "Yes, you are right. That was my initial thought. It would be the quickest and safest solution. Our only problem is forming the proper images. We are not exactly sure of the location or the wizard's appearance. All we have are Arhyvhynne's descriptions. It could make matters very difficult. Nonetheless, any objections?" There were none. "Lhynette, Qelharre, I do not wish you to participate. If we are unsuccessful we will need the two of you to make a journey." The two witches left the table and took positions on either side of the entrance. "Arhy, how is your energy level?"

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