Chapter 2

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"I do not feel that I should risk it." Arhyvhynne had not said a word since the recounting of Albera's mind scan. It was apparent that she was physically drained. The color had not yet returned to her eyes and her skin remained somewhat ashen.

"Will you rest now?" There was a hint of concern in Khyrhyelle's voice.

"No, I would like to stay—with your permission."

Khyrhyelle considered for a moment and replied, "As you wish." Khyrhyelle turned her attention to the remaining three witches seated at the table. "Wyxotte, will you, Dhynelle and Eyrmysse assist me in the preparation?"


The sconce-held torches had all been extinguished. A Magical Circle had been created and encompassed the table. A lone grey candle situated in the center of the great table was the only source of illumination. Beside the candle were two charcoal braziers burning incense. The burners filled the Chamber with pungent smoke. Only Khyrhyelle, Wyxotte, Dhynelle and Eyrmysse were seated at the table. All had their cowls over their heads. Before each was one of the universal symbols of the Holy Tarot. Khyrhyelle had the Wand. Wyxotte, the Graal. Dhynelle, the Star. Eyrmysse, the Sword. All were in the process of entering various states of trance. Khyrhyelle's head was bowed; Wyxotte's head was tilted back; Dhynelle continually rolled her head from side to side; Eyrmysse moved her hands from her thighs to her breasts in a circular motion. The light of the candle danced and played with each of the figures, exaggerating their features and movements.

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