Chapter 2

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After a few moments they all joined hands. Together they recited the incantation. "We are gathered to perform the Spell of Teleportation. Through the grace of the gods of the various Paths we tread, especially the Goddess of the Moons, grant us, your servants, your power and protection in the execution of our spell." Each of the witches traced an outline of a crescent moon in front of their face with their hand. The moons filled with an incandescent light and hung in mid-air. They resumed the incantation. "We conjure and invoke thee Oh Goddess, Oh beautiful Moon, Oh beautiful Star, Oh bright Light which shines before us! Come hither, come hither, come hither. Bring unto us the one whom we seek. Accomplish our will and desire, without wile or falsehood."

The room grew incredibly cold. The breath from the witches hung in the air forming an eerie light with that of the candle and the moons. Arhyvhynne hugged her knees and rocked back and forth; Lhynette and Qelharre unconsciously clasped their arms. The energy being amassed was thick enough to see.

Using the mental image Arhyvhynne had painted for them, the witches searched the countryside for Uriel. Minutes passed and longer. Finally, the witches began to get a feeling of proximity. But then Khyrhyelle cried out suddenly and the four witches seated at the table were violently thrown from their chairs as the moons dissipated and the candle went out.

The room was silent for a long moment. Then Arhyvhynne feebly called, "Mother?" More silence. "Mother?"

"Get some light, we need some light." It was Eyrmysse who responded. Qelharre managed to light a torch.

Eyrmysse was standing, supporting herself against the table. Khyrhyelle was sitting on the floor, taking deep, slow breaths. Dhynelle crawled to a chair, used it to stand up. Wyxotte was sprawled on the floor.

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