Chapter 2

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Khyrhyelle looked around the Chamber, her gaze stopping on Wyxotte. "Lhynette… check… check Wyxotte."

While Lhynette went to examine Wyxotte, Arhyvhynne moved over to her mother. "Are you hurt? Are you all right? What happened?"

Khyrhyelle dismissed her with a wave of her hand. "Lhynette?"

"Wyxotte hit her head—but she is regaining consciousness. She should be fine."

Khyrhyelle seemed slightly relieved. "All right. Prepare the table. Quickly. We have to do the Closing."

"But mother, what happened?" Arhyvhynne asked.

"I said we have to do the Closing! There will be time for explanations later."

Qelharre began to straighten the Chamber and Arhyvhynne quickly joined her. Lhynette helped Wyxotte into her chair. Eyrmysse and Dhynelle readied the table. Less than five minutes had elapsed before they were ready. It was imperative that they close the ritual properly. If not, the forces they had summoned could be loosed and cause a very dangerous situation.

The four witches seated at the table held hands once again. "Because thou hast diligently answered our demands, we hereby license thee to depart. Go in peace unto your places. May there be peace between you and us, and be ye ready to come when ye are summoned by the Sacred Rites of Magic. Praise, honor, glory and blessing be unto they who sitteth upon the thrones, who liveth forever and ever." They traced the moons and ended the ritual.

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