Chapter 2

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Torches were lit and the other witches moved to their seats. Although Lhynette and Qelharre were also worried, Arhyvhynne could not contain herself any longer. She spoke before the last witch was seated. "Well?"

Eyrmysse answered. "Someone, something put up a barrier."

"A damn powerful one at that," Wyxotte added.

Arhyvhynne stared in disbelief. "A barrier? Are you sure?"

Dhynelle nodded. "Like touching pure energy." Her body trembled as she recalled the feeling.

Lhynette looked puzzled. "Who would put up a barrier? Surely not the wizard. Not in the shape Albera said he was in."

Qelharre looked to the High Witch. "Khyrhyelle? Anyone you can think of?"

Khyrhyelle had taken the brunt of the force from the barrier and did not look well at all. She was very pale, her breathing ragged and slightly erratic. Still, the High Witch emanated authority and control. "Who constructed the barrier? I do not know. But whoever put up the barrier now knows that someone else knows of its existence. We have very little time." She paused then. She seemed to be weighing matters inwardly. The High Witch looked at each member of the Council. But when she spoke, it seemed to be to herself. "We will have to summon FireQueen."

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