Chapter 3

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"Two more, only two more." Qelharre did not look much better than the white robe but sounded relatively fresh. She had all the characteristics of the dark elves; almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, swarthy complexion, tall and slender. Her hair was flaming red. The eyes had the pink tint of an albino. It was impossible to ascertain her age. She turned to Khyrhyelle, "Maybe you should have brought Wyxotte. I would have gladly put up with the bitching from the old crone just to see her die down here."

Lhynette could not conceal a giggle. "Qelharre, that is terrible." She wiped her brow on the sleeve of her robe. She turned her visual plea to a verbal one. "Khyrhyelle, can we rest for a while?" They had only stopped briefly in a couple of storerooms to pick up some "ingredients" they felt may be needed on their impending journey.

Khyrhyelle shot her a look that left no doubt as to the answer.


They stood before massive double-doors that were the entrance to a great cavern. Khyrhyelle drew some arcane symbols on the doors and uttered a Word. After a moment, the heavy doors swung inward.

Lhynette caught her breath. The cavern was illuminated by a faint golden glow whose source was magical. Strewn across the entire floor were dazzling gems of every hue, shape and size. Amongst the jewels lay armor and weapons of the most ornate kind. But Lhynette's eyes were quickly drawn to the center of the cavern, where on the highest mound of treasures, lay FireQueen.

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