Chapter 3

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FireQueen slowly picked up her head and fixed her eyes on Khyrhyelle. One not versed in the magical arts could have been destroyed by that gaze. Even Khyrhyelle, though prepared, was slightly shaken by their force. They regarded each other for a long time. Though they were not overly fond of each other, they did have great respect for one another. Khyrhyelle's thoughts drifted back to their first and only meeting. That was when Khyrhyelle was made High Witch. A good many years had gone by. Neither had changed.

Khyrhyelle finally broke the silence. "You were awake. You expected us?"

"I awoke when he came."

"He wears the grey."

The dragons eyes laughed. "I know." A belch of fire erupted from the dragon's throat. It was a real laugh to match that of the eyes.

"May I inquire as to what else you know?"

"Too much. More than you would desire." Sadness in the voice. Smoke rose from her nostrils. The mirth had gone.

Khyrhyelle knew better than to pursue the matter. She changed the topic. "Forgive me for I have been rude. Where are my manners?" She turned toward the white robe. "Let me introduce you. This is Lhynette. Lhynette, this is FireQueen. I believe you are already acquainted with Qelharre."

FireQueen stared at Lhynette and drove her eyes into her Soul. Lhynette had not been ready for that. She moved her hands back to brace herself but found nothing. Terror held her. She tried to resist, to begin a spell, fought with the Words. The dragon let her go. "You have done well High Witch. She is strong. She will be useful."

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