Chapter 3

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Most considered them a myth. Some, including the witches, knew better. Regardless, little was known of the SoulSlayers. Their origin was a mystery. Whether they were implements of a more evil being or acted of their own volition was unknown. Their purpose was obscure. What was known about the ghastly skeletons was loathsome. Although the Slayers had been known to travel on foot, they were typically found on the back of some animal, usually a horse. Once a Slayer mounted the animal, the beast became possessed by the Slayer, transformed into its likeness and attached to it for survival. They fed on the Souls of their victims; hence their name. They tore the Souls from the living and bent them to their evil will. If it only meant death, it would not be so cruel. But the Souls were locked within the skeletons, aware of their deeds, unable to escape from the atrocities they committed. And the more Souls they claimed, the more powerful the SoulSlayers became.


Lhynette's head snapped up when she heard the scream. She turned to Qelharre, "SoulSlayers!"

Qelharre's face dropped. Being a black robe, she had studied the SoulSlayers and knew their reputation well. Because they were otherworldly, they could not be physically killed. Even the dragon could do them no harm. She was pulled from her thoughts by Lhynette. "What?"

"I said, you and the dragon protect the wizard."

"How? With what?"

Lhynette snapped back, "Goddess, who knows? Build a little barrier or something. Anything. They will be here any minute." She paused for effect, "I am going to try a Spell of Releasing."

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