Chapter 4

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Daath Ul Thaum was a massive fortress, large enough to house a small town. The fortification was of the motte and bailey type. The motte was a huge mound, encircled by a stone palisade; the bailey was an adjacent courtyard also surrounded by a stone palisade. A wide moat was created from the banks of the Twisted Horn. The keep was constructed entirely of black rock and had no windows. It emanated pure and complete hatred; the embodiment of evil. The citadel seemed to guard a place that would never need protection. To the inhabitants of Khaballe it was only a dread rumor. A passage from the histories of Khaballe, The Sacred Scrolls of The Moons & Stars, had it different though:

There it stands, Daath Ul Thaum.
Surrounded by forests no road to its door.
There it stands, Daath Ul Thaum.
Weeping and crying but who is it for?
There it stands, Daath Ul Thaum.
It is said no one dwells there anymore.

Most of the citadel's history was vague. Daath Ul Thaum was very old. It was constructed more than a thousand years before, shortly after the Great Mystical Wars. The losers of the Great Wars were all extreme black robes and were known as the Thaums (named after their demon leader). They were banished to the barren north central region by the victors, the Mehtrons (named after their leader), a mixture of white robes and moderate blacks. The Mehtrons, wanting to secure the Thaums, warded the area from the mountains south to what once was a sparse forest. The Thaums, content to stay within the bounds of the wards began work on Daath Ul Thaum and cultivating the Weald to grow into its present state.

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