Chapter 4

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After some decades passed, the Mehtrons tested the wards. To their dismay, they found the Thaums had erected their own wards. No one could enter what came to be known as the Thaum Mountains or the Thaum Weald without being subjected to the wrath of the Thaums. As Daath Ul Thaum reached its monstrous proportions and the Weald also began to grow thick with the enormous trees, so too did the rumors grow about the black citadel and its inhabitants. Another, earlier passage, from the Sacred Scrolls:

Silhouetted against the moons in the darkened sky.
The manor stands accepting the pleas to die.
The veils of cloud masses obscure sight.
For this is the citadel of Satarsmyt. Of Daath Ul Thaum.
Sweet scents that reek from flowers drift through the halls.
Archaic symbols in blood adorn the walls.
The lower chamber aglow with candlelight.
Candidate of death awaits Satarsmyt. Of Daath Ul Thaum.
The nymphet disrobes and lies eager for death.
She surrenders to Satarsmyt with her last breath.
She is devoured according to black rite.
Death's coven appears and worships Satarsmyt. Of Daath Ul Thaum.

It was thought that both Mehtron and Thaum perished in the Great Mystical Wars. The histories are unclear. Mehtron encountered Thaum in the last of the great battles. Both were never seen afterwards. The fate of Mehtron was a mystery. Most felt he perished, for if alive he surely would have returned. Of Thaum, some thought he managed to escape and returned to the realm from whence he came, to wait for the appropriate time to restore his power. In any event, it was Thaum's right-hand-demon, Satarsmyt, who led the defeated wizards to their future demesne.

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