Chapter 4

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Thus it was to Daath Ul Thaum that the SoulSlayers travelled, and if it were to be known, with more than a little trepidation.


The Slayers entered the Throne Room, the black heart of the fortress. The room, like everything about Daath Ul Thaum, was dark, huge and oppressive. A mysterious, faint scarlet glow lit the room. Arcane symbols covered the walls and floors. They were drawn in blood, the blood fresh. The room was sparsely furnished. An altar stood at the center, it too covered in blood. At its center was a lone golden chalice, traces of blood still on the inside. One large, black floor candle stood in front of it. The candle was extinguished. Two thrones were against the back wall. One was placed in the center and was the larger, slightly more ornate throne. It was crimson and black with inlaid gold and flames carved into the back. It rested on a dais, its seat empty. A smaller throne of a similar nature was on the left. On it sat a terrifying creature. It had a round, somewhat human face with close cropped hair and beard. Three curved horns, like those of a goat protruded from the top of its head. The torso appeared to be human, but the arms and legs came from some hoofed animal. It had the tail of a goat.

The creature smiled sardonically at the Slayers, the tail slowly wagging back and forth. "I do not see the wizard." A deep, thick voice. Like it was unaccustomed to speaking.

Hundreds of voices issued from the mouths of the two SoulSlayers, voices that sounded as if they came from beyond the grave. "We have failed."

"So you have."

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