Chapter 4

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The myriad of voices responded. "The barrier weakened with time. They had with them the ancient wyrm. The lizard bitch tore through. We consumed the old scout, the one who before was known as Albera. When we came upon the wizard, he was protected by two witches, a unicorn and the wyrm."

"I know. Do you not remember that we had been informed?"

"Yes," answered the multitude of Souls that made up the Slayers, "but we had to flee. One of the witches, the white one, knew the Spell of Releasing."

"So do I." Not needing the physical components to cast the spell, the creature pointed two claws, spoke the Words and released the Souls entrapped within the two Slayers. The screams of the long imprisoned Souls pierced the air. But as the two perished, another SoulSlayer emerged from the shadows to devour the relinquished Souls. The creature on the throne threw its head back and laughed hysterically, creating a repulsive contrast with the mournful cries of the Souls as they were once more enveloped in darkness. It was over as quickly as it began.

The creature lost itself in thought. "The one who summoned me, lo those many years ago, will not be pleased." It was speaking to itself, recalling a time in the past. Moments faded away. The creature returned to the present. Flaming eyes came to focus on the SoulSlayer. "Ahrokh, as you took their Souls so do you take their responsibility. Do not disappoint me lest you suffer their fate." And with those words, the smile returned to Satarsmyt's face.

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