Chapter 5

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Card 1: The Present Situation: Knight of the Graal. A graceful knight holding a chalice rides a horse. His helmet is winged, indicating imagination. Though a dreamer, there is a practical side as well. The knight approaches a stream, the water symbolic of emotions. Meaning: The arrival of a message or the approach of a person. Either will cause incitement.

It appears we will have the wizard, Khyrhyelle thought, but with him we will also gain a great deal of turmoil.

Card 2: The Obstacle: Queen of Stars, Reversed. A queen sits upon a throne holding a pentagram. She has the power of life and death. Meaning: A dark woman who should be feared and not trusted. Her intentions are evil.

A dark woman? But who? A witch? One of the black robes? No, it could not be. But if not, who? Khyrhyelle stared at the face of the Queen of Stars a while longer, but was unable to coax a mental image of the dark woman from the card.

Card 3: The Basis of the Situation: The Moon. Two moons shine down on the plains. A black dog and white wolf bay at the moons. They are symbols of polarity. They are on different sides of a path which leads between two towers. The path represents the balance between extremes. Climbing out of a pool is a shellfish symbolizing conscious unfoldment. Meaning: You are being deceived by one close to you (Queen of Stars). She is one of your enemies, the rest being hidden. She will cause terror and you danger.

The High Witch gave the card an ironic look. You wish to conceal things from me, one who has served you and have worn your symbol. She shook her head, focused on the meaning. She is close. If she is close she must be one of the witches. The rest are hidden. Hidden… conspiracy maybe? Again she shook her head and went on to the next card.

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