Chapter 5

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Card 4: The Past: Ace of the Graal, Reversed. From out of a cloud a hand offers a chalice. A dove (spirit) holding a wafer in its beak descends into the chalice. Five streams of water (the senses) flow from the chalice to the pool below. Meaning: An affair of false pretenses. You had a deceitful relationship. You were used.

Khyrhyelle was perplexed. She began to argue with the cards. Who have I ever had a relationship with? I have devoted my entire life to the service of the Goddess. Save the MidSummer Rites, I have not had anybody. Maybe it is of a different nature. Maybe it is a friendship. But she could not convince herself.

Card 5: New Influence: The Lovers. The sun shines above an angel with outstretched wings. Beneath the angel are a naked man and woman. The man, on the right, stands in front of the tree of life. He symbolizes consciousness and looks to the woman. She stands in front of the tree of knowledge, representing the subconscious. Meaning: You will become attracted to another. The furthering of a relationship. Love.

No, it cannot be! Khyrhyelle went numb. Her eyes were fixed on the card, lost in its depths. Her vision blurred. When she was able to focus again, the image of the man on the card transformed into that of the wizard. Her mind screamed, I cannot allow this to happen!

Card 6: The Future: Eight of Wands, Reversed. Eight wands are in flight across open country. They are on their downward trajectory. Meaning: Someone will become jealous of you, causing internal disputes and quarrels.

Jealous of what? My power? The High Witch considered the placement of the cards. Jealous of what I may learn from the wizard… or my relationship with him.

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