Chapter 5

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Card 7: The Querent: Two of Swords, Reversed. A blindfolded female crosses her arms across her chest. She holds two swords. This shows a precarious balance. A body of water lies behind her, her emotions. Two crescent moons shine above. Meaning: You are unaware of the disloyalty and falsehood that surrounds you.

So I am beginning to understand. The figure on the card however, disturbed Khyrhyelle greatly. Am I truly that blind?

Card 8: Outside Influences: Eight of Swords. A bound and blindfolded woman is surrounded by eight swords stuck in the ground. A castle, a symbol of attainment, high on a cliff is in the background. Meaning: Ill news could cause conflict and crisis. Others will try to prevent you from moving in the direction you wish. You are blinded to their desires.

I will have to closely evaluate everyone's motives for anything concerning the wizard. Despair descended on Khyrhyelle like an unwanted shadow. Again the blindfold. Can I not trust anyone?

Card 9: Hopes or Fears: Eight of the Graal. In the darkness, a man deserts his eight chalices, the chalices symbolizing previous hopes and concerns. Meaning: You are fearful that all you have worked for will be for naught.

Khyrhyelle absently nodded her head and sighed. You cannot bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. You cannot hold yourself responsible for the things which you cannot control. Though the thoughts were true, they offered no solace.

Card 10: The Outcome: Nine of Swords. A person sits up in bed. Their head is in their hands. Nine swords are on the wall. Meaning: Failure and despair. A deception could cause your death.

Khyrhyelle shook her head and then the image of the card seemingly came to life as she settled her head in her hands.

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