Chapter 5

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After the reading Khyrhyelle was unsettled, but sat quietly searching for answers. A deception could cause my death? Who is deceiving me? The obstacle card. The dark woman. But who? A witch? Who are the others she is with? The High Witch fought with it a while longer but came away without any solid theories. She considered the fact that both of the previous two High Witches who reigned at the coming of the eclipse lost their lives. Coincidence. She shifted her thoughts to the meaning of the fifth card, The Lovers. That, however, made her uneasy and she hastily drove her thoughts away from that subject. Khyrhyelle considered the third card, which referenced her past but like the rest, seemed as tangible as wisps of smoke on a breeze.

Khyrhyelle gathered her Tarot cards. Before returning them to her cloak, she gave them a long stare. "Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I wonder if the price of knowledge is too high and the responsibility too great." The recollection of the conversation she had earlier with the dragon pushed to the front of her thoughts. Khyrhyelle's own voice echoed in her mind, May I inquire as to what else you know? And then, FireQueen's response, Too much. More than you would desire. She thought about how much more the dragon had not divulged. The High Witch sighed then said, "No matter. It is why I am here and why I am who I am. I would not wish it different." But Khyrhyelle was afraid. Not for herself, but for Khaballe.

Khyrhyelle looked around in a daze. It was as if she just realized where she was and what she was doing here. How long has it been, she wondered. It was still night, still cold, still lightly snowing. She stood up and turned her attention to the moons, again losing herself in an attempt to unravel the reading. She had no idea how much more time passed before the image of the dragon against the moon Khyaroh broke her out of her daze.


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