Chapter 5

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The scene was grim. Qelharre practically fell off the dragon. She looked like she had been to the abyss and lived to tell about it. The dark elf was ashen to the point where she could pass as one of her lighter relatives. Both Lhynette and the wizard were strapped to the dragon, each looking like a prime candidate for death. It did not take dragonlore to know that even FireQueen had been affected.

"What happened?" The demeanor the High Witch presented was calm, controlled, strong. Inside, she wanted desperately to drop to her knees and cry.

Qelharre tried to respond. She opened her mouth, tried to formulate words but she could not speak. A tear ran down her cheek. She shook her head slowly.

"SoulSlayers." The dragon spat fire along with the word.

Khyrhyelle closed her eyes, measured out her breaths. When she opened her eyes, she was the High Witch again. "Lhynette?"

"Weak," FireQueen responded. "Very weak. Her energy level was depleted. She was near to making her transition. I performed a healing on her. She should recover, but it will take some time."

A sigh of relief. A short smile of gratitude broke across Khyrhyelle's lips. "Thank you," she said to the dragon. "Where is Albera?"

Qelharre lifted her head, eyes locked with the High Witch. "Dead. The Slayers."

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