Chapter 5

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Anguish was on Khyrhyelle's face as she turned away. It was a rare occurrence when the High Witch outwardly betrayed emotion. She fought to regain her composure, was successful. "What about the wizard?"

"Still alive. Barely." The dark elf was beginning to recover from the shock. "Oh, the unicorn is on its way. It refused to fly with us."

Khyrhyelle nodded. "How did this—no, there will be time for this later. Are we in any immediate danger?" she questioned the dragon.

"No," FireQueen answered. "Nothing that I can detect." She added, "I only wish I was able to do more. I am sorry you lost the Scout, especially in that manner."

The High Witch nodded her understanding. "Your assistance has been immeasurable. Thank you again." She turned back to the immediate situation. "Qelharre, arrange for a couple of Guardians to meet the unicorn. I want the wards strengthened. Doubled. No, tripled. I do not wish to take any chances. It would seem that someone is very interested in our guest. Make provisions for our best healers to keep vigil on both Lhynette and the wizard." Khyrhyelle looked up at a sky beginning to lighten slightly with the coming of dawn. "This night has been long and overly cruel. Let us all get some rest. We will meet at our first convenience, I would guess sometime this evening."


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