Chapter 5

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After the prayer, Khyrhyelle asked Qelharre to recount their journey to secure the wizard. The dark elf described breaching the barrier, finding the wizard and sending Albera on her last reconnaissance mission.

"Some time passed. Must have been five minutes, maybe ten. It felt like hours." Qelharre paused. It seemed like she was playing the events back in her mind. "Lhynette was checking the wizard when we heard Albera scream." Her face contorted.

"What did she scream?" Wyxotte asked.

Qelharre pushed herself up and leaned across the great table. She sent a hateful glare towards Wyxotte and said, "Slayers. And would that it be you they took instead of her." Her last remark was ignored by all except the dwarf.

Of the Council members, Wyxotte, Eyrmysse and Dhynelle did not know of the Slayers. Wyxotte seethed. Eyrmysse raised an inquiring eyebrow. Dhynelle was astonished. She remarked, "SoulSlayers? Goddess, no."

"Goddess, yes!" Qelharre was losing control of herself. "As soon as FireQueen landed in the barrier I felt… this incredible wrongness, evil, something. I should have known. I should have done something… anything."

Dhynelle tried to comfort her. "I am sure you did everything possible Qelharre."

Qelharre retorted, "How would you know what was possible? You could not possibly know unless you were there."

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