Chapter 5

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"But I was there Qelharre," Lhynette responded, "and Dhynelle is right. There is nothing else we could have done. All things considered, we are most fortunate to be here to tell of it."

The dark elf would not let it go. "We?" "Who is 'we'? We?" She spat the word. "I am fortunate you knew the Spell of Releasing. If the burden would have been left to me we would all be dead, including that goddamn wizard!"

Khyrhyelle looked at Qelharre with compassion in her eyes. "Enough Qelharre," she quietly said.

Qelharre lashed out. "Enough? Enough what? Death? Pain? This… this—"

The High Witch whispered, "I said enough!"

Qelharre suddenly seemed drained. She shook her head slowly. "I am sorry. I do not know. I just… I just feel so… I just do not know."

"It is all right Qelharre, we understand." Khyrhyelle waited a moment and then asked the dark elf to continue.

Qelharre slumped back down into her chair before she continued. "Lhynette prepared herself to cast the Spell of Releasing. I constructed a small barrier around the wizard and myself."

"Why did you not include Lhynette in the barrier oh mighty dark robe?" Wyxotte chided her.

Qelharre's eyes went wide. The thought had never occurred to her.

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