Chapter 5

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"Both the dragon and I went to Lhynette. I did not even know if she was alive. She looked so… frail. I knew she expended a tremendous amount of energy casting the spell. And at the time I did not know the Slayers had almost taken her as well." Qelharre paused, seemingly on the verge of more self-condemnation but thought better of it. She shook her head, whether it was to scatter the thought or due to the pain of recollection was unknown. "Anyway, FireQueen performed some difficult healings on her and her condition seemed somewhat improved. Then we rested a short while for Lhynette to stabilize. The dragon was invaluable. She had flown us to the wizard, worked healings on him from the time we landed, entered Lhynette's mind, cleared it and then worked healings on Lhynette. While Lhynette rested, I gathered our belongings and prepared for the return flight. After a time, we left."

The Chamber fell silent. Each of the witches seemed lost in their own reflections. Moments passed and then Khyrhyelle asked, "Does anyone have anything to add?"

Qelharre shook her head. Lhynette remained with her head slightly bowed. None of the others asked any questions.

The High Witch was about to speak when she saw Lhynette raise her head. She met the white robe's eyes. There was pain there. There was also betrayal. Lhynette spoke. Her voice was strong, steady. "They knew who we were."

"What?" The High Witch gave her a look of disbelief.

Lhynette's eyes were still fixed on Khyrhyelle. "I said, they knew who we were."

"How can you be sure?" Eyrmysse asked. "Did they say something?"

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