Chapter 5

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Lhynette looked at each one of the witches. "When they saw us, they were not in the least surprised."

"So?" Eyrmysse questioned.

Lhynette turned on Eyrmysse. "So? You would not be the least bit surprised to see a dragon, two witches and a unicorn? Sightings of dragons and unicorns are not exactly common occurrences. And there was a barrier. And how did they know to go after me?"

Eyrmysse remained calm. "They must have known somebody would attempt the barrier again. Remember when we encountered it the first time. Then and there they knew someone was or would be coming. As for FireQueen and Ullyna, they probably acquired the information when they took Albera. And they attacked you because you threw the vial."

Lhynette countered weakly. "They pointed first."

"I know you have suffered much," said Dhynelle, "but I do not think we should make this any more sinister than it is. I agree with Eyrmysse. There is a logical explanation to everything that happened."

"So the black ones stick together, do they?" Lhynette was getting angry.

Arhyvhynne reached over and held Lhynette's hand. "I agree with them Lhynette and I wear the white as do you. You must not let this affect you so."

Lhynette pushed Arhyvhynne's hand away. "You are her sister." Arhyvhynne turned glassy-eyed and slowly turned her head away. That seemed to bring Lhynette back to herself. She was not a person to be harsh with anyone, especially Arhyvhynne who was so sensitive. "I am sorry," she said to Arhyvhynne. Then she turned to the others. "Maybe all of you are right. Maybe I just need to get some rest and reconsider everything that has happened."

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