Chapter 5

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The High Witch knew that Lhynette said that purely for Arhyvhynne's benefit. Lhynette had not changed her mind in the least. And neither had Khyrhyelle. The words from the Tarot reading came back to haunt her. A dark woman who should be feared and not trusted. Her intentions are evil. You are being deceived by one close to you. She is one of your enemies, the rest being hidden. She will cause terror and you danger. You are unaware of the disloyalty and falsehood that surround you. A deception could cause your death.

A knock at the door interrupted Khyrhyelle's thoughts. Ghemella was ushered in and went straight to the High Witch. The Guardian had been assigned to Uriel's room. "Forgive me for the intrusion, High One." Khyrhyelle nodded. "The healer attending the wizard sent me to inform you that she believes the wizard will soon regain consciousness."

"Thank you." She addressed the Council. "I wish to go alone."

"Is that wise—considering what the wizard is capable of?" Eyrmysse thinly disguised her interest in accompanying her mother.

Khyrhyelle gave her an exasperated look, then stood to leave.

Ghemella followed the High Witch out of the Chamber. The Guardian made sure they were alone in the hallway when she spoke to Khyrhyelle. "I would like to say I am sorry about the incident with Albera. I did not mean to be overly gruff with her. I was just doing my job. I will apologize when I next see her."

"Pray you never do. She was taken by SoulSlayers." Khyrhyelle left the stricken Guardian in the hallway as she hurried to the wizard's room.

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