Chapter 6

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Witch? screamed Uriel's mind. Oh God no. Witch? No, this can't be. Why is this happening? Why is this happening to me? Tears welled up in his eyes. Fear tightened around his heart. "No," he murmured weakly. "No. Stop. This has got to stop. Not again. Please, no. Not me. Someone else, not me." His voice trailed off as the darkness at the edges of his mind began to close.


Uriel barely opened his eyes. He immediately noticed it was dark, though something gave off a scant amount of light. He closed his eyes. It was warm. Or was it a lack of cold? He couldn't tell. No wind, either. I must be inside, he thought. Her words came back to him, "…you are in the Towers of the Moons. I am Khyrhyelle, High Witch…" Uriel shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He attempted to move, groaned. He was stiff, sore. He opened his eyes again and surveyed the area. Uriel was in a small, dark stone room. The sparse light issued from four small candles, each burning in a separate corner of the room. He rolled onto his side. Jeez, am I sore! As Uriel looked to the walls, he noticed symbols were painted on them. No, not on the walls—the symbols seem to hang in the air! He shook his head again, trying to dispel the nasty tricks his eyes were playing on him. As he tried to focus his eyes, Uriel noticed something, someone in the doorway.

"So, the great wizard awakes," Ghemella said derisively.

Wizard? "I'm not—" Uriel cut himself short. Witches and wizards, huh? Maybe it's better if they think I'm a wizard. Fine, if they want to play Dungeons and Dragons, I'll play Dungeons and Dragons. But I've got to be careful. I can't tell anybody anything. He was forcing himself to be more rational. Uriel sat up with some difficulty. He looked over Ghemella. Her appearance did not do much to calm his nerves. The dark little witch leaned against a drawn sword. She held a wickedly curved dagger loosely in her right hand and had more at her belt along with a number of pouches. The smirk on the Guardian's face begged him to try something. He did not comply.

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