Chapter 6

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Uriel did not try the barrier, nor was he brave enough to inspect the ethereal floating symbols. Instead, he tried to piece together the fragments of his new existence. He was as unsure about his present situation with these witches as he was about the Dark Ones. He could not determine if they were aligned together or if they stood against each other. Maybe neither one was aware of the other. Perhaps, there was no relationship between them at all. He poured over the events that had transpired since he arrived at this new world. Nothing seemed to interrelate. He felt haunted and hunted by the Dark Ones. He felt his heart ache at the demise of the little unicorn. He remembered doing something or saying something and then pain and darkness. In that unconscious darkness, he recalled the terror of the skeletons. And upon his awakening, there was the beautiful "angel," the High Witch.

Uriel was in the middle of his deliberations when Ghemella returned, accompanied by four other Guardians. Uriel eyed them suspiciously. Only one looked "normal." Another had the pointed features of an elf (though her complexion looked dark), the other two were similar to Ghemella. Great, he thought. Not only are there the Dark Ones and witches, but this one and whatever the hell else her friends are. He noticed they all looked relatively young and that the normal one wore a white robe where as the others wore black. Maybe she's the leader… or an apprentice. It also occurred to him they were all female.

Ghemella's voice brought him from his thoughts. "You must be made presentable before you are brought before the High Witch and her Council. A bath awaits you in the adjoining cell. We will escort you." Ghemella suspended the barrier with a sign and a Word, unsheathed her sword and raised the point to Uriel's heart. She gestured to the other Guardians with her head and they quickly fastened manacles on him. One was placed around each ankle. Another bound both hands behind his back. A final shackle was placed around his neck. Then he was blindfolded.

The witches led Uriel to the right, a short way down a narrow corridor and into another small stone room. Ghemella repeated the sign and spoke the same Word, though she used a different tone. The Guardians removed the manacles, then the blindfold.

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