Chapter 6

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The one in grey spoke to him. "When you regained consciousness previously you seemed confused and quite distraught. I am not sure if you remember where you are or who I am."

Though he recognized her melodic voice, Uriel gave his shoulders a slight shrug. Don't let them know you know anything, he told himself.

"You are at the Towers of the Moons, located in far north central Khaballe. I am Khyrhyelle, High Witch of the Moons. Those seated before you are the Council. You are?" she inquired.

There was a long pause as Uriel tried to uncover any reason for withholding his name. He came up empty. Ok, you've got to be cool now. "Uriel, Peter Uriel," he said, voice cracking like an adolescent. Damn, so much for being cool.

After exchanging glances with several of the witches, Khyrhyelle spoke to him. "Uriel, I sincerely apologize for the condition of your accommodations as well as for the warding, but the facts that you are unknown to us, have demonstrated strong magical abilities and are aware, I am sure, of the prophecies, necessitate it."

Uriel nodded. Yeah, right.

The High Witch continued. "Good, I am glad you understand. We would like to question you if we may."

Again a slight nod. Like I could politely decline, Uriel thought wryly.

"We," Khyrhyelle started, "that is, one of our Scouts, found you just north of the Thaums. Could you please inform us as to where you came from, how you arrived here and what you had planned to do?"

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