Chapter 6

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The melodic sound of Khyrhyelle's voice mesmerized Uriel. He suddenly wanted to trust this woman, to tell her everything. Then he felt a slight pressure exerted on his mind. No, he screamed mentally. He closed his eyes. It's a spell, witches can do that, he told himself. He tried to compose himself. Say something, quick. Uriel opened his eyes and responded "I don't know."

"You do not know?" the High Witch asked incredulously.

He looked away from Khyrhyelle only to be drawn to the well-rounded breasts of the black robed witch. Uriel, whether he wanted to admit it or not, was still suffering from the effects of the sensual encounter with the elf Guardian. Again he closed his eyes, felt the pressure. "I, uh… don't remember."

The High Witch, who had been leaning forward, slowly sat straight back. Her voice lost the melody that had enthralled Uriel. She was not entirely happy with the level of Uriel's cooperation. "Since it seems you have an affinity for Eyrmysse, I will allow her to continue." She looked to her daughter. "Will you please help refresh Uriel's memory from the time he appeared to when we received the report?" she said with a hint of sarcasm.

Eyrmysse slowly lowered her cowl and flipped her long black curls back with both hands. Her smile was in place as she fixed her violet eyes on Uriel. He listened as she recounted the events surrounding his appearance, his wanderings as marked by Albera (Damn, I knew I was being followed!) and the unicorn.

Uriel became melancholy at the mention of the unicorn. "It was so beautiful," he said softly. "I tried to save it," he added.

"Tried? Tried? Ullyna lives!" Eyrmysse saw that the name did not register with Uriel. "The unicorn lives!"

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