Chapter 6

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Uriel was stupefied. "What?"

Khyrhyelle repeated for him, "Ullyna, the unicorn you found in the thicket, is alive." She knew by Uriel's look that he either did not or could not believe her. She instructed Ghemella to bring the unicorn. Ghemella in turn delegated it to Qenthyeffe.

Meanwhile, Uriel wore a look of confusion. "I don't understand. How…" He left the thought hanging.

Eyrmysse did not. "'How' is only one of the questions we have for you." She sat forward, leaning on the great table, the violet eyes betraying a hunger. "Where did you come from? How did you get here? Who were you screaming to? Who is Lindany? What significance does your staff have? And how in the name of the Goddess were you able to perform the Ritual of Renascence without a replacement or substituting yourself?"

Uriel, not knowing what to say, said nothing and the ensuing silence was louder than any noise could have been. Uriel grew more uncomfortable with each slowly passing second. Unable to bear the witches stares, he lowered his head and bore holes into the table with his eyes. It seemed an eternity before Uriel heard the door open and raised his head to see Qenthyeffe enter with the unicorn.

Ullyna, upon seeing Uriel, immediately bolted to him. The unicorn, her golden horn being magical, pierced the barrier and allowed her through, unaffected by the wards. Uriel threw his arms around the animal, placed his head upon the unicorn's neck, fighting back tears through tightly clenched eyes. All the while he stroked Ullyna's silky, silver mane.

Khyrhyelle, like the rest of her Council, was very touched by the reunion of savior and saved. But there was still the matter at hand. "I appreciate your happiness and wish to offer our sincere gratitude for… bringing Ullyna back, but you have not answered any of Eyrmysse's questions." The High Witch motioned Ghemella to return the unicorn to its stable. Ghemella naturally passed it on to Qenthyeffe.

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