Chapter 6

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Uriel raised his head and wiped his eyes with shaking hands. As the elf Guardian tried to lead Ullyna away, the unicorn reared and snorted. Breaking away, it nestled back up to Uriel.

"Tell her it is all right, Uriel," the High Witch said. "Tell her to leave and that you will see her again a little later."

Uriel wondered how much truth the statement held. Probably not much. He gazed momentarily into the gleaming gold and silver eyes of the unicorn and then hugged her once more. "You can go now," he told her. "It's alright. Maybe later we'll get together—maybe we'll go riding or something. Okay?" Ullyna seemed to consider for a minute and then reluctantly allowed herself to be led away by Qenthyeffe.

Once again the Chamber fell into silence. The witches and Uriel were locked in a stalemate. Khyrhyelle offered resignation. "Is there nothing you will tell us?"

Uriel shook his head and softly answered "I… I don't remember."

"Very well." The High Witch frowned. "You refuse to confide in us and therefore leave me very little choice. Though you will be brought to a more suitable room, the wards and barriers must remain until you decide to dispel our doubts concerning you. Believe me when I say that they are more for our protection than your inconvenience. I suggest you use the solitude to carefully reconsider your attitude. A Guardian will be posted outside your door and will be responsible for fulfilling any needs you may have. If there is nothing else you may leave."

Uriel stood to leave and was accosted by the remaining Guardians. "There is something Your Highness, or however you're addressed."

The High Witch was wary. "Khyrhyelle will be just fine. What is it?"

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