Chapter 6

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Uriel shored up his courage. "If you are sincere, about my treatment I mean, I would really appreciate it if your so called Guardians would refrain from… let us say, harassing me."

Khyrhyelle gazed at the young witches in turn, then back to Uriel. "Our Guardians are chosen for their certain… temperament. Some have not yet been initiated into the Inner Circle of our sisterhood and at times do not fully adhere to our codes." Here she turned to the Guardians. "If they did, it would demonstrate that they are nearing that level." Uriel was unable to disguise his facial expression at her words and the High Witch picked up on it immediately. Her grey eyes studied him, then a shadow of her smile appeared. "You must also take into consideration the Path they have chosen. Most of our Guardians are black robes and they live according to a different set of ethics and morals than you may be accustomed to—not wrong mind you, just different. Nonetheless, barring any provocation, I assure you there will be no more… incidents."

Uriel again felt a strong urge to trust the High Witch. Considering the circumstances, she was being very good about things. But he refused to let down his guard. Uriel only allowed himself to say "Thank you." The Guardians then bound and blindfolded him, removed the wards and led him to his new room.


After Uriel departed, the witches debated Khyrhyelle's decision to be lenient. "He has shown us no reason to act otherwise," the High Witch said.

Dhynelle, as usual, was the most disturbed. "He has also not shown nor told us anything. He hides something."

"He hides a great many things," added Arhyvhynne, "though maybe for good reason."

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