Chapter 6

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The smile returned as Eyrmysse arched her eyebrows.

Dhynelle countered the unspoken implication. "Certainly, we know enough of that one from the histories to know he would not waste himself bringing back a unicorn."

"Unless he was trying to endear himself to us." Eyrmysse looked at her mother. "All I am saying is consider the possibility. He has appeared under the most unusual circumstances, has displayed enormous power and refuses to divulge anything to us."

"What about the Slayers?" asked Lhynette.

Qelharre was not thrilled to have that subject resurrected. "What about them?"

Lhynette rolled her hair around one finger. It was an attempt at mimicking Eyrmysse, but a poor one. "If Uriel is actually Thaum or a reincarnation of him, do you really think the Slayers would have come after him?"

Eyrmysse shook her head and laughed, at both the imitation and the question. "Did you stop to consider that the Slayers were not coming after him but for him?"

The Council fell quiet. Though not pleased with it, they had to admit to themselves that Eyrmysse had some valid points. After a while, Wyxotte spoke up. "Suppose we let Arhyvhynne perform a mind scan?"

Arhyvhynne began to respond but was immediately cut off by Khyrhyelle. "No. He is very powerful and that alone, regardless of which Path he treads, makes him dangerous. It could turn out very badly for Arhy."

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