Chapter 6

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The next day was spent considering his options. He alternately argued with himself over divulging nothing, parts or all of his knowledge to the witches. On several occasions he almost asked the Guardian outside his door to summon the High Witch, but lost his courage or regained his senses (depending on his mood) before the fact. About the only conclusion he could come to was that his time was limited. It would not be long before the witches demanded answers to their questions. And if he did not willingly offer, they would find some unpleasant way to extract the knowledge from him.

Those were the thoughts he turned over in his mind as he peered out at the two moons in the darkening sky. A knock on the door brought his attention back into the room. The door opened and Khyrhyelle poked her head through. "May I come in?" she asked.

"Sure," Uriel responded, not quite sure of why she even bothered to ask. He gave her an easy smile, but his pulse quickened and his mind raced. His emotions were mixed over her beauty and her reason for coming to see him. Before he could stop himself he said, "I almost asked to see you a couple times today."

The High Witch had walked in, closed the door and was standing before him. "Really?"

Uriel went to put his hands in his pockets, couldn't find them in the robe and so, folded them behind his back. "It was, uh, getting a little lonely." Why do I do these things to myself? he asked himself in vain.

"Oh." Khyrhyelle walked past him to the window and looked out it. She watched the glow of the moons caress the snow on the trees. "A beautiful night," she said softly. She turned abruptly, "Has your memory improved any?"

The move caught Uriel off guard. Damn, but she gets right to the point. "A little. Mostly incoherent bits and pieces." Uriel hoped it would satisfy her.

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