Chapter 6

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"Would you like to share them with me?" She was once again in front of him, hands folded at her waist.

His heart kept encouraging him to tell her, but his mind refused. He couldn't look at her when he answered. "Not yet. Not until I can remember everything, until I can understand what's going on."

Khyrhyelle gently took him by the arm and turned him to face her. "Is it not closer to the truth to say 'Until I trust you?'"

The heat from her touch blazed straight to his heart. Uriel lost himself in her eyes and in the melody of her words. He desperately wanted her to hold him then, to let her comfort him, to tell her everything. But still he fought against it. "It's not a matter of trust."

Without a word, Khyrhyelle walked over to his bed, sat down and patted the spot next to her. Like an obedient pup he sat down next to her, though not as close as he might have liked.

"Uriel, may I be honest with you?" Khyrhyelle did not wait for the obligatory answer. "The longer you doubt us, the more difficult it will be for you to convince us to trust you. In fact, it is already becoming increasingly difficult for me to justify your treatment before the Council."

"What do you mean?" Uriel asked.

"They are not exactly pleased about your present conditions." The High Witch looked him straight in the eye and said, "They would much prefer you locked in a room in the dungeon, chained and unconscious. Along with the wards and barrier, of course."

"But why? I haven't done anything," Uriel said with outstretched arms.

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