Chapter 6

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A sudden rap on the door interrupted the High Witch. Without waiting for acknowledgement, the door opened and a young girl, a Guardian, wearing black rushed in. She looked at Khyrhyelle through tear-stained eyes.

Khyrhyelle barely contained her anger. "Why have you—"

"Forgive me High One," the girl managed through sobs, "but it is Arhyvhynne."

The color drained from Khyrhyelle's face. "What is it? What has happened to Arhy?"

"She… is… dead!"


The members of the Council were already in the laboratory when Khyrhyelle arrived. She quickly moved to where Arhyvhynne lay sprawled on the floor. She knelt next to her daughter and searched her still warm body for any sign of life. There was none. Khyrhyelle became very still. When next she moved, it was to smooth Arhyvhynne's long hair and kiss her with her tears.

The High Witch stood up, disguised her emotions, somehow managed dignity. She would not let the grief control her, at least not in public. "What happened?" she asked very softly.

Qelharre brought a young black robe to the front of the gathering. "This one was with Arhyvhynne. Her name is Jukhuule. Tell Khyrhyelle how this happened."

The girl was obviously still shaken and feared for Khyrhyelle's reaction. "High One I am sorry but it was not my fault. Honest. Please do not blame me. She made me help her."

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