Chapter 6

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"Do not worry, no one is blaming you," Eyrmysse said. "Having studied under me, I of course recommended her to Arhyvhynne when she asked for a black robe she could trust," she told the others.

"You mean you knew about this?" Khyrhyelle asked incredulously.

"No, she just asked me for a black robe. I had no idea what this was about." Eyrmysse turned back to Jukhuule. "Calm down and start at the beginning."

"Arhyvhynne sought me out this morning. She said she needed a black robe to help her with an experimental ritual. Being of the Council I naturally did not question her. She gave me a list of things to bring at the appointed time, which would be when the moons rose. She was here waiting for me when I arrived. Amidst the preparations she told me she was going to attempt the Ritual of Renascence."

Khyrhyelle almost fainted at that and Eyrmysse supported her for a moment. When Qelharre was sure Khyrhyelle was ready she bid Jukhuule to continue.

"Arhyvhynne assured me it was only an experiment, that she was not actually going to go through with it. But somewhere in the ritual she lost control—or something took control of her. She seemed to fight it for a long time and then she just collapsed."

Eyrmysse was thinking out loud. "What would possess her to attempt a renas—Mother! The wizard! Get the wizard!"

Khyrhyelle returned a blank stare to Eyrmysse before it sank in. "Is there still time?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes," her daughter responded, "but not much. We must hurry."

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