Chapter 6

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Khyrhyelle turned to a Guardian. "Bring Uriel here. And his staff. Quickly! Quickly!"


Uriel stood in front of Khyrhyelle, staff in hand. He was very scared. Something was happening that he felt was beyond his control, but he did not know what. It never occurred to him why she might summon him.

"I do not wish to waste any time. My daughter is dead. You have the power to bring her back. Do so."

Uriel's mind reeled with what she asked. Bring her back? Khyrhyelle seemed to tower over him, bending him to her will. He was speechless. He gestured with an open hand to show his lack of understanding.

Khyrhyelle pressed him. "I will give to you anything you desire. I will allow you to leave, treasure, anything. Just do what I ask."

"Khyrhyelle…" he faltered.

The High Witch pleaded with him. "We risked our lives for you! Albera died for you! We saved you! Please, you must. You must!"

Tears came to Uriel's eyes. "Don't you understand?" He took Khyrhyelle's hands in his and felt her immense hopes, pain and fears settle on his shoulders, shoulders surely too small to hold them. He cried openly. "I don't want anything from you. All I want is to bring her back to you. God knows I would do anything to bring her back. But I don't know how."

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