Chapter 6

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At those words, Dhynelle came between them and slapped him with all her might. As the change came over Uriel, he barely noticed that she made a sign with her hand, had said something he did not understand. Uriel only pushed her aside, paying her no heed. Instead he brought his eyes to meet Khyrhyelle's and something passed between them. It was everything and nothing.

Uriel walked a circle around Arhyvhynne with his staff, drew some symbols in the air, and then knelt down beside her. He gently placed his hand on her cheek and whispered, "I am coming." He touched her with his staff and the Words spilled from his mouth. The witches gasped at the sound of those Words and looked away but Uriel did not hear nor see them for he was already far away and surrounded by the pain of extreme concentration. Somewhere within himself, his mind tried to alter his actions, arguing that he was still too weak, that the way was too difficult, that this had nearly killed him last time. But he listened only to his heart.

As before, the tension mounted, but much more rapidly this time as Uriel seized the energies from all those around him. As before, the temperature dropped, but more drastically. As before, the air cracked loudly and a white explosion erupted from Uriel, bringing several of the witches to their knees. And as before, he welcomed the enveloping darkness, only to become aware that they were waiting for him.

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