Chapter 7

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"Father, I am afraid that I do not understand either," said Ellycyn.

"A summons. This concerns a summons. It would appear that the event we have guarded against for so long is upon us."

Ellycyn was startled. "Father, are you all right? You are not dying?"

Nherycyn rolled his eyes and shook his head, a trace of a smile upon his lips. The King turned his gaze from his daughter to Rhenycyn. The smile faded. "Would that my son worried so."

"Maybe I do—maybe more than you think."

The old King waved his hand several times, dismissing the matter. "I have not called you here to discuss my health or your loyalties—or lack thereof."

"Then what is this 'event' of which you are speaking?" Ellycyn asked.

The King inclined his head to his Advisor. "Athar?"

The wizard bore his eyes into Rhenycyn. "It would appear that the Evil One or at the least a minion of his has returned."

"Thaum?" the Prince asked in disbelief. "It cannot be."

"Oh, but it can, Your Highness, it can," assured Athar emphatically.

"Tell them," the King ordered his Advisor.

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