Chapter 7

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"As you wish." Athar went on to relate the events from the appearance of the mysterious wizard to his refusal to speak to the Council. While doing so, he absently fingered one of his amulets, an encircled, inverted, silver pentagram. By the time he finished, Rhenycyn was in disbelief and Ellycyn aghast.

"How did you come across this… information?" the Prince asked.

"From the witches themselves," Athar replied.

"Who? Was it someone reliable?"

"Yes," the Advisor said. "One who is well placed."

"What of the Slayers? Is there any news from the north concerning them?" Rhenycyn was not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"Not really, though it does account for reports we have received regarding some unexplained deaths in that region. But to answer your question, we have heard nothing of the SoulSlayers since the incident. The witches are not certain whether they successfully dispelled them or not. They are not optimistic, however," the Advisor added.

The study fell silent for a time. Rhenycyn stood and went to the window, searching for answers, or more probably questions, in the quickly approaching dusk. Ellycyn occupied the Prince's vacant seat. Nherycyn poured himself another ale, propped his feet up on an ottoman. Athar watched and waited.

The Princess questioned her father. "What do you propose to do?"

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