Chapter 7

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"I told you before. A summons. Bring him here, interrogate him. If it turns out to be what we think, then we execute him. Athar's idea actually. Tomhylhen has been notified and he concurs. So do I."

"Of course," the Prince muttered under his breath.

"Any questions?" the King asked.

Rhenycyn walked over to where his sister was sitting and placed his hands upon the back of the chair. "As a matter of fact, yes," said the Prince, trying to control his mounting displeasure. "Why have you not brought this matter before the Ministry?"

Athar answered for the King. "We felt that it would be in the best interest of the kingdom to not produce any premature reactions."

"What about us?" Rhenycyn gestured to Ellycyn and himself. "It seems that the matter has already been decided. You have neither asked us for any counsel nor our opinions. Why did you even request our presence?"

"We were merely offering a suggestion—"

The King cut off his Advisor. "You were ordered here, not requested, so that we could inform you of how we were going to proceed." At that, Nherycyn began having a serious coughing fit. When it finally subsided, he asked Rhenycyn if there was anything which remained to be discussed, but Ellycyn answered first.

"I cannot believe you are so callous as to drag some poor fellow halfway across the country to answer a few questions. The only 'crime' he committed was bringing back a unicorn. Not some evil demon mind you, but a unicorn! And I am sure that given some time, Khyrhyelle and her Council will be able to supply you with all the answers you desire."

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