Chapter 7

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"Khaballe is not ruled by Khyrhyelle," the King said bitterly.

"Speaking of Khyrhyelle," the Prince cut in, "would there be any reason for the witches to enhance the facts of the story, make it seem to be more than it is?"

"No, not that I can think of," said Athar. "That does not mean, however, that it could not be the case. They could be conspiring to realize some private purpose."

"And what of you?" Rhenycyn accused. "Both you and Tomhylhen have been preaching the return of Thaum since time immemorial. This person very conveniently fulfills your role of scapegoat. Who is to say you have not conceived this entire story?"

The Advisor's eyes grew cold. "If you do not wish to believe me, request an emissary from the witches to verify what I have imparted. Though that will delay matters considerably and provide him ample time to begin his devastation."

The Princess joined the debate. "You speak as if his guilt has already been determined. Assuming everything you said to be true, there is still little evidence to warrant a summons. He has done nothing wrong."

Nherycyn finished his ale and stood. "The both of you test what little patience my old age retains. Athar, tell them of the Scrolls."

Athar stood, still clutching the book. He cleared his throat. "When I was first made aware of this… situation, I wanted to be convinced of the gravity of it before I confronted your father. I have done a great deal of research, pouring over various documents, histories and the like. Many made reference or alluded to something of this nature, but admittedly, most were vague. That is, until I uncovered this." The wizard's eyes gleamed as he opened the book he held to the marked page and handed it to Rhenycyn.

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