Chapter 7

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The Prince looked at the cover of the book first. "The Sacred Scrolls," he murmured. Although called the Scrolls, the histories were long ago transcribed into book form. Rhenycyn read the passage silently and without a word passed the book to his sister, proceeded to the window and stared into the night.

The Princess read it as well and, having finished with it, stood and returned the book to the end table. Like her brother, she was speechless.

"Well?" the King asked impatiently.

Ellycyn's face was a mixture of thoughtfulness and concern. "I studied the Scrolls intently when I was younger, but I do not recall any passage like that."

"There are many such passages Your Highness," the wizard stated. "Some no doubt have not been looked upon since they were recorded by their author."

"Rhenycyn?" The King wanted to hear some form of repentance from his son.

The Prince walked over to the end table and picked up the book. "I understand most of the allusions that the Scrolls refer to but what about the 'Forgotten Palace' and the 'Darkness Waxes against the Waning Sky?'"

Athar took the book from Rhenycyn. "The only thing we have been able to equate to the 'Forgotten Palace' is Daath Ul Thaum. The other makes reference to the Millennial Eclipse."

"The Eclipse?" Ellycyn asked.

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