Chapter 7

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"Yes," Athar responded, "the time approaches when both moons are aligned with both suns. The last occurrence was nearly a thousand years ago at the culmination of the Great Mystical Wars."

"Is it due to occur soon?" the Prince asked.

"Our astronomers are not sure. Due to celestial conditions, they have not been able to indicate a precise date. It is certain it will not be during the next six cycles and it may not be until a year or more passes. Do you now understand our concern? Why we feel we must act in haste?"

"There are definitely some points that coincide," conceded the Prince, "but I still feel a summons is excessive. I would prefer to investigate the matter further, seeing if there are any additional correlations to the Scrolls."

The wizard became chafed. "What other 'correlations' do you desire? His appearance, his ability to perform the Ritual of Renascence, the demons, his being at the Towers of the Moons, Daath Ul Thaum, the Eclipse." The Advisor appealed to the King. "Nherycyn?"

"I believe I have heard enough. We will send a summons requesting his presence and see what type of a response that elicits." Athar was somewhat taken aback by the King's decision to only request the mysterious wizard's appearance. Rhenycyn and Ellycyn eyed each other, quietly sharing the small victory. "Athar, should he decide to come, inform Tomhylhen. I would think he would want to be here for the questioning as well."

"And if he does not comply?" the Advisor probed.

Nherycyn shrugged his shoulders. "Then we will wait and see. If this wizard is involved in any questionable events that require us to offer a second invitation, it will leave little room for interpretation. I am tired and in need of rest. That is all."

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