Chapter 7

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Athar inclined his head to the King, rose and left the study. Ellycyn also rose to leave and gave her father a quick kiss on the cheek before she followed the wizard out. As the King walked out Rhenycyn called to him. Nherycyn stopped but did not turn around. "Thank you," the Prince said. The King made a gruff noise which passed for a response and continued out of the study.

Rhenycyn spent a moment gazing out the window before taking the seat his father had vacated. He picked up the volume of the Sacred Scrolls of the Moons & Stars and flipped through the pages absently. Then he allowed himself to go to a specific page and once again looked upon the passage:

Lo! For the Destroyer comes!

Riding the Winds of the Eternal Realms,
Death must grant leave in its Demesne,
The Horned Ones respond with Reverence,
As he Masters the Art Arcane.

Marked by the Encircled Pentagram,
Existing amongst the Crescent Moons,
He will Raise the Forgotten Palace,
As he Masters the Power of the Runes.

The Heights, the Depths, the Lands Faerie,
All come to Pass in These Scrolls,
Darkness Waxes against the Waning Sky,
As he Masters the Knowledge of the Soul.

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