Chapter 8

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Uriel opened his eyes to a darkened room. He looked to the right and noticed a figure standing there. He turned on his side and squinted, trying to focus his vision. When he saw it was Ghemella he groaned, rolled onto his back and closed his eyes.

For the next several minutes, Uriel fought a heavy drowsiness but then heard some noises followed by a familiar voice. Slowly he opened his eyes to the beautiful vision of Khyrhyelle. Their eyes met and held for an unending moment. Then his eyes followed hers as she turned to look at her daughter. Uriel was overcome with emotion as he stared at the girl he brought back to life. Tears spilled down his cheeks as he sat up and reached out his arms to hold Arhyvhynne.

They broke apart and he clasped Arhyvhynne's hands. "Thank God," he said in a weak voice.

Arhyvhynne looked concerned. "Are you all right? How do you feel?"

Uriel managed a faint smile as he replied, "Exhausted."

"We just wanted to see if you were recovering properly," the High Witch said, "and to thank you—not that we could ever properly do that."

Uriel laid back down. "Just seeing you together with your daughter is thanks enough." He looked at Arhyvhynne. "How are you?"

"I feel fine," she said smiling, "absolutely fine." Arhyvhynne stood. "Mother, I think we should leave him to his rest."

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